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Budget-Friendly Public Housing at a Local Low-Income Housing Authority in Raynham, MA

Raynham Housing Authority in Massachusetts, we can offer 1 bedroom units to veterans, the elderly, and the disabled. We have 86 Units for the Senior/ Handicapped Housing. We only have a (one) two bedroom handicap unit located at our Weonit Woods Complex. All the rest of our units are one bedroom. With so many options available, we'll help you find the perfect home.
Finding the right housing option in a safe environment is easy when you turn to us. Contact us at 508-824-9404 to find out if you're eligible for comfortable public housing.
Raynham Housing Authority does not have Section 8 Vouchers, MRVP or AHVP Vouchers.

Learn About Raynham Housing Authority

Located in Raynham, Massachusetts, our public housing authority offers safe, sanitary, low-income housing at affordable prices. Established in 1980, Raynham Housing Authority is a member of the Equal Housing Opportunity and continues to create an environment that allows residents to live day-to-day life in a responsible and dignified manner
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About Us
At Raynham Housing Authority, we strive to provide affordable public housing to low-income residents throughout Raynham, Massachusets. Today, we're proud to assist the town, state, and national government in identifying and addressing housing needs throughout the area.
We're committed to creating performance goals that meet or exceed current industry standards, which optimize the use of resources available.

What We Expect of Residents

All residents are expected to honor public commitments ethically and fiscally. We also expect residents to instill and maintain confidence in our housing authority's staff and operations.
Contact us when you're in need of low-income housing to meet your needs.